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My take on parenting.. in today's world

I'm sure that every parent experiences the same thing on a daily basis when it comes to raising children in today's world. Every parent is different; you're going to have your opinions and comments, which you have every right but remember, no parent is perfect. You may think you are but someone will judge or knock you down when you think you've done something right (or in the best interest of your child).

First, I want to take you back. I was born in the 80s-- a FUN era. Growing up in the 90s, I looked forward to buying every Lisa Frank product I could find, had sleepovers where we played board games (Mall Madness being our top pick), and couldn't wait to get home after school on Fridays for TGIF and pizza with my family. Innocence at its finest. This was actually the best time of my life. As a child into my teen years, I was preoccupied with being an entertainer for the Philadelphia Sports teams and sang on a TV show every weekend. In between, I'd be with my friends. I didn't have time to "mess up" until about the age of 16 or so (normal kids bullshit by the way). To make a long story short, I still knew where I came from and never forgot my roots. I respected my parents and was grateful for everything they did for me (and made sure they knew that, too).

Move ahead to 2023 and these kids know (or think they know) more than I do. The access to the phones, the apps, their friend group is even different today-- you never know what your child is doing. Parental controls, to me, they only last so long until the kids figure out the password and know how to unlock the settings. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat-- with DMs on every social media outlet. "Mom, this kid snuck into my DMs!" And the lingo... "Bruh!" If I called my mother that, I would have been knocked out on the floor. What the hell is a Sneaky Link anyway? Anyone?

All in all, you need to try and keep tabs on your children. It's not a bad thing if a parents or friend reaches out to tell you what is going on in the social media world if your child posts something inappropriate. But, in another sense, shame on them for posting knowing that your mom or dad's friends follow them. I am guilty of handing my toddler a device to shut them up in a restaurant or telling them, "as soon as we get in the car, I'll give you this!" Spoiled? Maybe. Grateful? Not so much. A "thank you" goes a long way and you feel GREAT as parent when they (slowly, hesitantly) say those words. Some will say, "it's your fault they're like that! Maybe you didn't raise them right!" My kids were ok. Once they all started becoming extremely busy with their sports and extracurricular activities, they needed a phone since some were going with other parents, carpooling, etc. and I would need to keep in touch with them. What they have access to today, we didn't have access to back then. Great parenting or not, they are surrounded by multiple outlets and other kids who may introduce them to new things.

I could go on and on. Please check-in on your mom and dad friends-- each day is different. AND.. don't forget to check-in with your children. Ask questions, make sure they're ok. It's important in today's world.


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